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Fly Nordic Virtual is a Scandinavian based virtual airline, We belief in the principle, that the community feel flying without a lot of rules and restrictions.  Pilots enjoy the freedom of flying any aircraft, livery and route or charter flight at any time. Fly Nordic Virtual, support Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, v4, X-Plane 10 & 11.  Fly Nordic is a new  Virtual airline, and swe will grow with time.  Discover our tours and link to scenery, for a beautiful and excited tour around Scandinavia.

Welcome On Board.


Piloti 2
Vazduhoplova u floti 32
Ruta 40
Ukupno sati: 507:53
Letova ukupno 7
Broj redovnih linija 7
Broj letova Charter 0
% Redovne linije 100.00 %


NadimakPilotOdlazakDolazakDatumVreme leta
FN001Søren Weitling  ESSA  EKCH 20-01-2018 01:03
FN001Søren Weitling  ENGM  ESSA 15-01-2018 00:57
FN001Søren Weitling  EKCH  ENGM 14-01-2018 00:58
FN001Søren Weitling  EDDH  EKCH 13-01-2018 00:50
FN001Søren Weitling  EKCH  EDDH 13-01-2018 01:25


PilotPriključio se
_NEW_-caslajuluf ebqurixakep08-04-2018
FN001-Søren Weitling15-12-2017






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